Reinforced coating for filling

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Reinforced coating for filling

Ceramic Coating is a spin-off of aerospace technology and is used on concrete items that must be protected against corrosion, wear and chemicals. The product is an advanced epoxy polymer, which is reinforced with ceramic particles in different shapes and sizes. The product has a very high adhesion to the substrate. The product is chemically hardening in general. Temperature and several of the products are unique as they can be applied to moist surfaces.

Ceramic Coating for concrete is typically used in environments, alkaline as well as “acidic” (pH 1-14), for example in dairies, breweries, slaughterhouses, as well as in industry in general where CIP fluids and other chemistry are corrosive and destructive to the concrete. The ceramic coatings are used, for example, in tank yards, buffer tanks, equalization tanks, wells, tank foundations, pump foundations, silos, weighing areas, pipe strings, facades, crowns and floors.

When the concrete subfloor itself has broken down, it must be built up with a reinforced coating for filling. Here, epoxy reinforced with particles of quarts, corundum or QRV is used.

The finished product is very strong and can be coated with a chemical resistant topcoat within a few hours.

Ceramic reinforced coating for filling has extreme properties, such as for example ARC 988, which is often used on damaged concrete, has a compressive strength of 105 Mpa, a tensile strength of 3.4 MPA, The product has no solvents and is therefore environmentally up-to-date, both on the working environment and on the environmental side.

There are several types of ceramic coating for concrete depending on the need for resistance to temperature, chemicals, wear or extreme mechanical stress.

Decayed or attacked areas are repaired in layer thicknesses of up to 200 mm. Ceramic top coating is then applied, designed to withstand the environment in a layer thickness of 0.5-1.0 mm.

Ceramic Coating for concrete is typically characterized by the following:

  • Very high resistance to corrosion at high temperatures
  • Very high resistance to chemicals at high temperatures
  • Very high resistance to wear and mechanical impact
  • With high adhesion to the substrate
  • Can be applied to damp concrete
  • Quick commissioning after coating
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