Power Stations

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Coating solutions for the power station industry

Jakob Albertsen has worked with power stations for more than 20 years, and throughout the years, we have helped this sector with many coating solutions.

  • Internal coating of the mills that grind the fuel into dust
  • Internal coating of pipes and elbows for fuel
  • Coating of main cooling water pumps, pipes and conduits
  • Coating of slurry tanks and containers
  • Coating of neutralisation tanks
  • Coating of waste gas pipes and flues
  • Coating of ash pipes and ash transport systems
  • Coating of slag equipment

To prevent corrosion in pumps, pipes and tanks, we use ceramic coatings with a layer thickness of up to 1 mm.

To prevent wear in mills, pipes and elbows, we use ceramic coatings with a layer thickness of up to 6 mm.

The advantages of ceramic coatings for power stations

  • The least possible downtime
  • Extremely durable ceramic coating with a long lifetime
  • Ceramic coating with a low surface energy, providing energy conservation in pumps and pipes.

Replica testing

Jakob Albertsen has a thoroughly tested and developed concept for surface preparation of high-pressure steam pipes before replica testing. The concept is centred around Sponge-Jet blasting, which creates a perfect surface prior to the actual replica testing. Sponge-Jet is an alternative to manual sanding as well as traditional sand blasting.

The advantage of Sponge-Jet is that the medium does not create dust, and that it can be gathered, regenerated and reused.

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