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Coating solutions for the marine industry

Jakob Albertsen has 40 years of experience in coating solutions for the marine industry. It started with Fusion Bonded Epoxy coating on pipes for ballast, drains and engine cooling. The many pipes of all new installations at what was then called Lindø Shipyard were protected with Fusion Bonded Epoxy, on the inside and the outside, for more than 30 years. Later, this was extended to filters, tanks and containers, which were coated with ceramic coating. There are several types of coating, such as high temperature, low friction, chemical resistant, wear resistant, flexible. We handle quite a few tasks, including Sponge-Jet blasting, while assembly or disassembly of engines or welding takes place in the immediate vicinity, without causing disturbance, delay or pollution.

Among other things, Jakob Albertsen provides the following for the marine industry:

  • Coating of pipes, coolers, filters, tanks and containers
  • Sponge-Jet blasting on the inside and outside of the ship
  • Internal coating of drinking water tanks etc.
  • Ceramic coating is used in case of wear or chemicals
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