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Coating solutions for industrial use

Several coating solutions are available for industrial use. Often, we use a traditional ISO 12944 industrial certified coating, such as C4, C4 or C5M, or if the component is submerged in liquid or buried in the ground, IM2 or IM3. Here, we typically use a 2- or 3-layer coating consisting of epoxy and UV-resistant top coating, typically wet coating, but often powder coating.

Other industrial solutions are Fusion Bonded Epoxy, a pure and strong functional coating that is able to protect against corrosion from salt water, or the ceramic coatings, which are able to protect against all types of corrosion, wear and chemicals.

Jakob Albertsen coats the following industrial components, among others:

  • Grates and fittings
  • Railing and banisters
  • Pumps, pipes, valves, cylinders
  • Heat exchangers
  • Tanks, containers and filters
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