Food Industry

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Deterioration of concrete and steel in the food industry

Food production is usually characterised by a high standard of hygiene. This places great demands on materials and their cleaning. Production facilities in food companies are typically cleaned inside using CIP systems (lye/acid/water). These systems remove residue from fat, carbohydrates and proteins, and they are washed into the sewer using clean water. Often, this erodes steel tanks, the floor, constructions and foundations, the sewer, wells, storage tanks and neutralisation tanks, which then slowly deteriorate. This can be prevented by applying a chemical resistant concrete coating on the new concrete or steel, or by repairing the already damaged concrete or steel.

Coating solutions for concrete and steel in the food industry

For a number of years, Jakob Albertsen has provided coating solutions for the food industry. It started with the large neutralisation tanks that gather the wastewater from food companies, before it is transported to the local wastewater treatment plant. Here, deteriorated concrete was repaired with reinforced coating for filling, after which the repaired concrete was coated with chemical resistant concrete coating.

Later, treatment of wells, storage tanks and floors has been added. It is particularly beneficial to protect floors in the production area with chemical resistant concrete top coating, as it is not affected by CIP cleaning of production facilities. Add to this that the chemical resistant coating is easier to keep clean, which makes it easier to meet the hygiene requirements in the food industry.

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