Certified Industrial Coating

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Industrial coating – certified is often used in industries to ensure a uniform and standardised solution to surface treatment of metal components exposed to atmospheric corrosion.

Industrial coating – certified is typically regulated according to ISO 12944, as this stipulates design, preparatory treatment, coating materials and layer thickness. The certified task is reported in detail and verified by a Frosio inspector.

The coating is usually done in 1-3 layers. The first layer is a zinc-rich epoxy, providing cathodic protection, the second layer is typically an epoxy, providing a barrier, and the third layer is a top coat that is UV-resistant and can be toned to an optional colour.

The expected lifetime of industrial coating – certified is also described in ISO 12944.

The expected lifetime depends on design, environment and the chosen layer thickness. Typically divided into low, medium and high. (Hyperlink til tabeller).

Jakob Albertsen works in accordance with client standards, such as TOTAL-GS-EP-COR-350 Rev 15.0, Equinor NORSOK standard M-501, Saudi Aramco 09-SAMSS-089, and we have several Frosio Level III inspectors at our disposal.

Industrial coating – certified has the following characteristics:

  • Good design and surface treatment
  • Uniform, standardised coating choice and layer thickness
  • Expected lifetime in given corrosive atmospheric environments
  • Certified reporting incl. Frosio inspector

Link til ISO 12944:

ISO 12944EnviromentTypical layer thickness in micronsCoats
C1Indoor, heated area501
C2Low pollution1002
C3Industrial areal1502
C4Coatal area2002-3
C5IHigh industrial area or coatal areal with high salinity2503
C5MOffshore or marine application3003
CX ExtremeConstant high humidity and high salinity5003
IM-1Imerged into fresh water5002
IM-2Immerged into seawater5002
IM-3Burried in soil5002
ISO 12944Coating layersPolymeter
C1-C5MPrimer(zinc rich) Epoxy
C1-C5MIntermidiate coatEpoxy
ISO 12944GraduationExpected lifetime in years
HHighMore than 15
(+45) 62 20 20 58