Ceramic Coating for metals

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Ceramic Coating is a spin-off from space travel technology, and it is used on metal components that need protection against corrosion, wear and chemicals. The product is an advanced epoxy polymer that is reinforced with ceramic particles of various shapes and sizes. The product has a very high adhesion to the surface. The product is chemically hardening at regular temperatures.

Ceramic Coating is typically used in pumps, valves, filters, pipes, tanks and containers where the medium is aggressive towards the metal component. By coating all metal components including packing surfaces, O ring grooves as well as gaskets, the coated component can tolerate most aggressive media at high temperatures without deterioration. This way, you can avoid the more expensive alloys, as the ceramic coating can simply be applied to regular steel or cast iron.

A classic example regarding the use of ceramic composite on steel components is that there is a significant difference in the price of coated carbon steel compared to choosing a solution made of Super Duplex. In addition to the more favourable price, you get longer life and higher temperature resistance.

Ceramic coating has extreme properties, for example ARC 855, which is often used for salt water applications, has a compression strength of 82 MPa, a tensile strength of 35 MPa, and a hardness of 85 Shore D. The product does not contain any solvents and is therefore environmentally completely up-to-date, regarding working environment as well as the ecosystem.

There are several possible choices of ceramic composite, depending on the need for resistance to temperature, chemicals and wear. The typical layer thickness is up to 1 mm. The wear resistant types typically have a thickness of 3-6 mm.

Ceramic Coating is typically characterised by the following:

  • Very high resistance to corrosion at high temperatures
  • Very high resistance to chemicals at high temperatures
  • Very high resistance to wear
  • Very high adhesion to the surface up to 35 MPa
  • No filiform corrosion
  • Can be processed mechanically in order to make sure that all areas are protected
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