About us

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Our history

Jakob Albertsen has existed since 1902. For three generations, the company has worked with traditional surface treatment. Now, the company has gone through a generational handover to John S. Moritzen and Morten Fich-Olsen. These days, Jakob Albertsen is a niche company that develops, carries out and provides technically advanced solutions for a broad cross section of industry internationally.

As a natural part of working with companies nationally as well as internationally, the company currently holds three ISO standards and several accreditations, such as Achilles, Sellicha and Frosio.

Since 2006, Jakob Albertsen has been the distributor for two American companies, i.e. Chesterton (advanced coatings) and Sponge-Jet (advanced surface prep) respectively.

Jakob Albertsen currently provides advanced coating solutions for the following sectors:

Our policy

Jakob Albertsen should be a modern and up-to-date company capable of competing globally on delivery of products within functional coating. We wish to continue the necessary development required to maintain the current status as a supplier of ”Coating Excellence”, but also to be able to attract and retain attractive national as well as international clients in close cooperation regarding development and delivery of niche solutions.

Jakob Albertsen is managed and run based on a set of overall policies intended to form a framework for the operation of the company. Basically, we have invested in three individual standards (ISO 9001, 14001, 45001), which are considered the company’s overall management tools.

Jakob Albertsen should be an attractive workplace in order to attract and retain qualified employees. We want to continuously develop the company, for example by promoting an independent culture that encourages responsibility, know-how and Coating Excellence.

We see our employees as a vital resource, and therefore, we want to create a safe and healthy working environment in order to prevent work-related injuries and illness.

We comply with current legal requirements, and we are continuously working on reducing JAK´s ”footprint”

Coating excellence means continuous development!

We want close cooperation with our customers and suppliers

We like to invest in equipment and facilities to solve the tasks

We are solution-oriented

We usually start where other more traditional surface finishers stop/give up

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