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Jakob Albertsen Komposit A/S will be the leading surface treatment company in Denmark delivering functional coating to the industrial sector.



Composite materials can be used on a wide range of components. They are typically applied to metal and concrete to provide efficient protection against corrosion, wear and chemicals. In addition to pumps, composite is often applied to fans as it prevents the build-up of undesirable residues. Energy consumption for pumps and fans typically drops by 5–10 per cent following coating with composite materials, as these materials are particularly smooth.  

It is also possible to repair damage to worn parts with composite materials. A special spreadable composite is used for this. On correctly cleaned and roughened surfaces, this material has a level of adhesion and a strength that typically results in the repair being stronger than the material to which it is applied. Repairs are often carried out in cases in which it would be extremely difficult or expensive to acquire new parts.

Finally, composite materials can be used on components that are subjected to a great deal of wear from particles in the medium transported – coal dust, sand or powder products, for example. In just a short time, these abrasive particles can erode or wear away even strong metal, particularly if their effect is exacerbated by temperature or a corrosive environment. Composite materials can withstand both the actual wear and the corrosive effect, thus significantly extending the service life of the component in question.  
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